Tutoring: Keli Price is a subject expert teacher in Chemistry, Biology and related courses in the life sciences, and in Mathematics. Keli is a former research chemist, a nurse, and presently teaches on brain health and cognition to seniors. She has taught math and science in the elementary, secondary, and community college settings. Using hands on methods and making the problems as real as possible, your student will “see” what’s going on and understand their material. Call for our hourly rate depending on your needs and location. Online Tutoring also available to save on travel time.

Brain Training: If you are wondering if there’s more going on than needing specific subject help, read on.

Are your child's/teen’s grades not what you expect, but you’re not sure what to do?

Do you secretly wish your child will just work harder?

Will you keep paying out for tutors year after year?

Keli can teach your child/student how to use more parts of the brain when in class and when doing their homework. You will learn fun exercises to do with your child that will do the following.

-decrease homework time.

-improve attention during school.

-improve executive functioning skills.

Do you live too far away? Online tutor sessions are available. (Through Zoom, Google Messaging, Facetime)


Helping Students with

Focus & Attention


 We're Here to Help

-Schedule one-on-one eight week sessions where your child’s brain training plan is custom made to give you a plan and equip you for change.

-If tutoring is needed to help your child catch up in their class work, we can help. Our goal is to equip the student with tools to do better in class so the need for tutoring fades away.

- Coming soon: online training that you can do at home if you do not live near our training location. (This is not computer games.)

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Q: What ages of students will benefit?

A: Students in grades 3 through college. This is an excellent toolbox whether you are home educating or have your student in a public/private learning environment.


Q: How is this different than tutoring?

A: Tutoring usually addresses specific tasks the teacher is presenting and preparing for assessments. Tutoring usually finds specific tasks that the child needs to have filled in. We can tutor your student when needed. But we emphasize the brain training so the need for tutoring will fade away.


Q: Does a parent have to come?

A: The brain exercises are best learned and practiced with a partner. The partner could be a care provider/babysitter. The exercises are interactive, which is very important to retention and using more parts of the brain. The student’s weekly visits will track progress and give the weekly instructions. (How about grandparent and student? That’s an ideal situation!)


Q: Will I need to do the exercises with my student?

A: Yes, and your brain will love it! We’d love to hear how you and your student benefit from being brain training partners! Make it a family activity! The whole family can participate or share the home training times.


Q: How long will it take to experience results?

A: This varies with individuals and what you put into it. If the student does the activities daily, improvement will be gained quicker. Isn’t that how it is with physical training? Same thing. But please don’t sabotage the efforts with a sugary diet and lack of sleep. “Doing good and avoiding bad” will help! We’ll coach you in what that means.


Q: Do you give us homework to do?

A: You will receive a training booklet with goals for the week for your student’s individualized progress. You will also be trained in how to how to make the exercises harder.


Q: Can’t we just do some computer brain games?

A: Our goal is to encourage as many parts of the brain being engaged during the period of time you are investing in brain training. Computer games lack the social interaction piece which is more whole brained. Being involved as the student’s trainer, you will see results as well as training your brain. It’s like a two-for-one!