About Brain Training

You choose exercises which strengthen your body. And you can experience new ways to exercise your brain. Come and experience brain exercises that you can do in a group and also do at home with family and friends.


I am Keli Price, and I love teaching how to keep brains active.  I have seen exciting, encouraging results when people exercise their brains. There are frightening statistics about the projected number of people who will have Alzheimer’s by 2025 and 2030. But there is also new medical knowledge about activities that make a difference when you invite the brain to participate in specific mental tasks. These tasks can increase focus, attention, memory, and problem solving.

  When I was a teacher for 30 years, I was fascinated how there were activities to effectively open up the mind and help students succeed in Chemistry, Biology, and Math. As a tutor, I do these exercises with my clients.

My passion is to bring this knowledge to aging adults. As an Amen Clinics Brain Coach I use Amen Clinics tools in assessment.  My Brain Training classes fill at Rise, Sun City Grand, and other locations. I’ve given presentations to Lions Club, AARP, Alzheimer support groups,  and several Senior Activity Centers.

When you learn to exercise your brain and keep up the skills, you can prolong your cognition, prolong your independence, and save money that could be going into memory care. What if you could save the expense of even one year of memory care?  Hopefully, you can preserve your independence even longer.

My goal is for you to fulfill St. Irenaeus’s encouragement,“The glory of God is man fully alive.” Brain Training helps you experience life to its fullest.