Brain Training and Tutoring in Surprise, AZ

Can you improve your memory and think faster?


Yes. You can!

With brain training you learn brain exercises that increase processing speed, memory, directional awareness, and increase executive functioning skills. By challenging the brain, thinking and memory improves. Without challenging the brain, thinking becomes slow and sluggish which can lead to dementia.

Maybe your life has been effected by a traumatic brain injury, mild cognitive impairment and early dementia in aging adults, cancer treatment brain fog, and a stroke. Targeted exercises, that increase in difficulty, build new brain pathways. Your thinking increases … memory, speed, awareness, and many other benefits.

Keli Price is a Certified Brain Coach through the Amen Clinics with a passion for putting the right tools into your hands. Keli has been teaching Brain Training for over 30 years in classrooms and since 2017 to seniors in the Sun City areas and Surprise, AZ community in private sessions, group sessions, and adult community classes.

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Use Your Brain Like Never Before

Your brain never stops growing, and at IntelliBlast we help you learn skills to improve it. We will help you build a toolbox to improve memory, attention, processing speed, critical thinking, executive functioning skills, and much more.

Understanding Neuroplasticity

Adults can experience greater joy in remembering names, no longer losing things, and realize quicker thinking. Daily living is enhanced. Let us here help you maximize the power of your brain.

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PORA Sun City Learning Center 
“Loved this instructor!”

Sun City Grand

“This is incredible! This is what I’ve needed ever since my TBI!” - Retired Physician age 80

Private client

“I have found Keli’s methods and style of teaching to be very empathetic to my needs, and I look forward to having a high level of ‘brain power’ for the rest of my life.” F. Brandt, Surprise, AZ

RISE Learning for Life

"Absolutely great class!" (age 70-79)

"Lover her personality and enthusiasm."(age 60-69)

"One of the best classes I’ve attended." (age 60-69)

"Great  class - so informative and fun. Great presenter."

"Time  flew by. Very interactive." (age 70-79)

"Her passion for her subject makes her an excellent presenter; lively, interesting, informative." (age 60-69)